Osteoporosis screening – DEXA Scan

Osteoporosis is a disease that causes bones to lose mass, become fragile and to break more easily.

  • It is a serious public health problem in the United States.
  • It impacts more than 24 million people.
  • It causes over 1.5 million fractures of the vertebrae, hips or wrists
    each year.

Who should get a test?

  • All postmenopausal women below age 65 who have risk factors for osteoporosis.
  • All women aged 65 and older.
  • Adults with fragility fractures or additional high risk conditions.
  • Men age 70 or older.
  • Men ages 50-69 with risk factors for osteoporosis.
  • Women with medical conditions associated with osteoporosis such as Vitamin D deficiency, rheumatoid arthritis, hyperthyroidism, multiple myeloma, hypercalcuria, hyperparathyroidism, celiac disease, renal disease, cerebral palsy and anorexia.

Osteoporosis screening/DEXA Scan (bone density)

We offer these tests at our North St. Paul clinic.