Where Generations Thrive®:  We are here to serve you and your entire family at all stages of life with individualized care for every member of your family.

High-quality care:  As specialists in family medicine, our providers and staff care about our patients and have special relationships with them. We pride ourselves in providing excellent medical care and improving our patients’ well-being.  In addition, Entira Family Clinics is physician owned and operated.

Family medicine:
As a patient’s primary care provider, we are the means of entry to the health care system. We are also an anchor point for coordinating care and guiding patients through a complex system of specialists, hospital, and other services. As the provider of first contact in most situations, we are in a unique position to form a special bond with the patient. The hallmark of family medicine is an emphasis on caring for a patient not as an isolated entity, but within the context of a family. Family providers take great pride in really getting to know their patients, their family or family situation, and then developing a warm and long-term relationship.

Our providers take care of our patients’ physical, mental and emotional health through all life phases. We emphasize and counsel on disease prevention and healthy life styles, and also diagnose and treat illness. Since family providers see children as well as adults, there is no need to find a new doctor when your child turns 18.

When consultation with a specialist is indicated, the provider will make a referral, but remains the coordinator of the patient’s health care. Family providers serve as the patient’s advocate in dealing with other medical professionals, employers, insurance companies and others. No matter what the disease process, or where care is being delivered, we remain involved with any decision making. Because of our personal and long-term relationship with the patient, we are eminently qualified to partner with patients to make the very best health care decisions. We serve to help our patients make decisions that make sense for them and fit their needs.

Why choose a family medicine provider?

  • Ability of the whole family to see the same doctor
  • Focus on the person in relationship to family and their health
  • A personal relationship with their doctor developed over time
  • No need to change providers when a certain age is reached