Prescription Refills:

Please call your pharmacy at least 72 hours in advance when you need to refill a medication. The pharmacy will contact your Entira care provider to approve your request. If you are going to run out of your medication, or your prescription will expire before your next clinic visit, remember to allow three business days to have your prescription authorized. Please be aware that your provider may need to see you before refilling your prescription. Our After Hours Care clinics do not offer prescription refills. Approval for refills must come from your primary care provider during our normal business hours of Monday-Friday from 7 am-5 pm. Please plan accordingly; allow 72 hours for a prescription refill to be complete.

Mail-Order Refills:

If you have mail-order prescriptions, please contact your mail order pharmacy well before your prescription runs out. Just like any other pharmacy, they will contact your Entira care provider to approve the refill. Please allow extra time for mail delivery.

Prior Authorization:

With each new year you may need to obtain a prior authorization due to formulary changes to medications. This is a process we can assist you; please allow additional time for this. This is subject to insurance rules.