Coordination of Insurance Benefits

Comprehensive, coordinated care:

As your primary care clinic, Entira Family Clinics is home base for most of your medical needs. We also coordinate all of the care you receive at hospitals or from other specialists. Comprehensive, coordinated care is one of our hallmarks.

If your Entira provider believes that you need specialty care or testing, he or she will refer you to a specialist or facility. We have trusted relationships with a wide range of sub-specialists in the Twin Cities region. Our referral coordinator will arrange these appointments for you.

How to ensure that specialist services are covered:

Your insurance may require that you contact your primary provider BEFORE seeking care with a sub-specialist. Our referral coordinators will be happy to help you schedule appointments outside of our clinic. They can also notify your health insurance company and help ensure that you receive the highest eligible coverage.

Know your insurance policy:

Since incurred costs are ultimately your responsibility, we always advise you to contact your insurance company directly for specific benefit coverage information.


Questions to ask your insurance provider:

Do you need a referral from your primary care provider to receive specialty care?
Which services are never covered under your policy, even with a referral?
Do emergency room visits require a referral?
Which hospital does your insurance require you to use?
Who are the contracted healthcare providers in your network?