Health Care Home

Health Care Home (HCH) is a team approach to your healthcare. Your team consists of your provider, Care Coordinator, RN and you.

How often will I speak with my Care Coordinator or RN?

A typical time frame includes a follow up conversation halfway between each visit to the provider. However, your Care Coordinator or RN will work with you and your provider to determine the appropriate time frame.

Who can be part of HCH?

Any patient at Entira Family Clinics can be in HCH.

Will Care Coordinators and RN work with family members of a patient?

Yes. We often will work with a patient’s parents (for their children) or children (for their aging parents). The family members do not need to be a patient of Entira Family Clinics.

How long is the program?

There is no specified length of time for the program. You can be part of HCH as long as you are a patient of Entira Family Clinics or until you feel the program is no longer benefiting you.

How do I become a part of HCH?

Ask your provider at your next clinic visit, or call the number for your clinic’s Care Coordinator.

Entira Family Clinics and the Wilder Foundation collaboration:

Together, we strive to improve older adult patients’ quality of care by providing support services to their family and friends. We realize family members and friends assist the patient as drivers to and from appointments, an extra ear at appointments, as well as an assistant for carrying out a medical plan at home, which is part of the Health Care Home model.

Como/Roseville: 651-328-8470

East Side: 651-788-4462 / 651-788-4478

Highland: 651-328-8473

Inver Grove Heights: 651-328-8472

North St. Paul: 651-328-8477

Shoreview: 651-328-8471

Vadnais Heights: 651-788-4472

West St. Paul: 651-328-8475 / 651-788-4473

Hugo: 651-788-4468 / 651-788-4473

Woodbury: 651-788-4470