Special medical exams

We offer various medical examinations as noted below:

Occupational Health for Worker’s Compensation and Motor Vehicle:

Entira Family Clinics providers treat injured workers, providing fast, expert and compassionate care with timely reporting and return to work information. In addition, we provide pre-employment physicals with drug testing to establish workers’ abilities to safely perform this work.

Please click here to access Worker’s Compensation form and Motor Vehicle/Liability form.

Department of Transportation (DOT):

Our providers are certified to perform DOT examinations at all primary care clinics (LINK)

Please click here to access the DOT Medical Examiners Certificate.

FAA Physicals (2nd and 3rd Class):

In order to continue flying safely, all certified pilots must undergo regular medical examinations, known as flight physicals.

  • FAA flight physicals are offered by a former FAA flight surgeon and Certified Aviation Medical Examiner.

BasicMed Pilot Exam:

Our providers are able to perform this exam to qualify pilots.