Online Scheduling

We are expanding our online scheduling options. 

Review the information below prior to scheduling your appointment online.


Online scheduling is available for the following locations and providers.  For all other locations and providers, contact our scheduling department at 651-788-4444.


  • Como/Roseville:
    • Baubak (Bob) Azar, MD
    • Kelly Linnihan, PA-C
    • Julia Perpich, MD
    • David Rossmiller, MD
    • Grete Thompson, PA-C
  • East Side:
    • Kelly Barnes, MD
    • John Barsanti, MD
    • Tara Kelly, MD
    • Ellen Ratts, NP
    • Robyn Tabibi, MD
    • Alicia Turenne, MD
    • Katharine Walker, PA-C
  • Highland:
    • Ian Johnson, PA-C
    • Daniel Larkin, MD
    • Sarah Olson, PA-C
    • Michelle Swiglo, MD
  • Hugo:
    • Maria Cook PA-C
    • Nicole Harvey, PA-C
    • Mary Catherine Mohr, DO
    • Leif Sundberg, PA-C
  • Inver Grove Heights:
    • Brandon Ng, MD
    • Morgan Quinlan, PA-C
    • Daniel Stahl, MD
    • Lisa Marshall, MD
  • North St. Paul:
    • Molly Amundson, PA-C
    • Mark Bogel, MD
    • Evan Eide, MD
    • Brandon Porten, MD
    • Joseph Saccoman, MD
    • Nicole Vik, MD
    • Cassie Wiek, FNP
  • Shoreview:
    • Lynn Elrod, FNP-C 
    • Cynthia Frane, MD  
    • Matthew Monteiro, MD
    • Garrett Trobec, MD 
  • West St. Paul:
    • James Benzie, MD 
    • Timothy Hernandez, MD
    • Maura Jacobi, MD 
    • Christina Losasso, NP 
    • Claire O’Neill PA-C
    • Joel Soma, MD 
  • Woodbury:
    • Shay Fashusi, PA-C
    • Sarah Soma, MD
    • William Sypura, MD
    • Jessica Taylor, MD 





Online scheduling is ONLY available for the appointment types listed below and may not be available for all providers above. For all other reasons contact our scheduling department at 651-788-4444.

  • ADD/ADHD Med Check (select providers) 
  • Depression/Anxiety Med Check
  • Asthma Check
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Diabetic Check
  • Chronic Pain Med Check (select providers)
  • Confirmation of Pregnancy
  • Birth Control Consult
  • DOT Physical (select providers)
  • Initial OB 10-12 weeks *must have confirmation FIRST* (select providers)
  • IUD Removal ONLY (Please contact scheduling department to schedule IUD placements)
  • OB Follow Up (select providers)
  • Pelvic/Vaginal Concerns (Yeast Infection)
  • Physicals (designated morning and afternoon times)
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  • Wart Removal
  • Well Child Check (Up to age 17 ONLY)

**Please call scheduling department for other available Physical time slots and all other appointments NOT listed above​​**


When scheduling your appointment, please enter your name exactly how it reads on your Driver’s License. If you have a hyphened last name please omit the hyphen and enter as one word.

COVID Screening

Due to COVID-19 if any of the following apply to you please contact our scheduling department to make your appointment at 651-788-4444

  • Currently experiencing any cough, congestion, sore throat, loss of taste/smell, new muscle/body aches, fever of over 100, nausea or vomiting.
  • Have a pending COVID test 
  • In the past 5 days, been exposed to someone who has a lab confirmed positive COVID test
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